Jesus sent His Apostles to their immediate environment first

Jesus sent His Apostles to their immediate environment first


Hos. 10:1-3.7-8.12, Mt. 10:1-7. In today’s first reading, Hosea calls for a return to God, after all the unfaithfulness of the chosen people in the northern kingdom of Israel. Hosea’s experience with his unfaithful wife, Gomer, taught him an exceedingly great idea of God. Just as Gomer is willing to seek out Hosea after her unfaithfulness and let him help her accept the love that he has for her, so the chosen people of Israel, in their unfaithfulness need to seek out the justice and mercy of God.

Seeking the Lord means turning fully towards Him, proclaiming Him as the Lord of all, instead of seeking to build altars and offer sacrifices to false gods. Today’s Gospel describes the commissioning of the disciples, disciplined learners, as “Apostles” – literally “those who have been sent.” They have been seeking to know Jesus and learn from Him. They learnt from Him, but Jesus wanted them to experience what His ministry entails. Jesus empowered them with healing and preaching abilities and shared with them the authority to carry on His mission and, in the beginning, they were being sent to their immediate environment. Jesus called and sent them out to turn the spiritual town ‘Beth-Aven’, house of wickedness back to ‘Beth-El’, House of God. They had privileged access to Jesus; they were given much and much was expected of them. Our baptismal calling is to keep on choosing the Lord who has chosen us. Each day we need to commit ourselves to Him and His way, as He committed Himself to us forever by His life, death and resurrection.

May the Lord continue to help, protect and guide us in all things, so that our every efforts and interactions, we may truly bear rich fruits of faith! Amen!! Have a terrific day!!!




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