Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel

Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel


Hos. 8:4-7.11-13, Mt. 9:32-38. Hosea experienced the infidelity of his wife, Gomer and knows how much pain that has caused him. In today’s first reading, Hosea presents an image of God who has been affected by the infidelity of the chosen people, who have set up false idols and paid attention to them, just as Gomer gave her attention to false lovers. With an everlasting love Jesus showed God’s compassion to the demoniac. There is a sharp contrast between the ordinary people’s response to such healing ministry of Jesus and how His rivals respond to it. The people were amazed and said: “Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.” Their leaders said: “It is through the prince of devils that he casts out devils.”

Both saw Jesus perform the same deeds and yet, interpreted what they saw in different ways. One group were opened to the truth of who Jesus really was and saw the presence of God, while the other group were blinded by their prejudice and saw the presence of evil. The people’s perspective of Jesus was Jesus’ perspective about people. He saw the goodness in people just as the people saw the presence of God in Him. The Gospel calls on us to be alert to the signs of goodness in others, to the signs of God’s presence all around us, especially in those who cross our path in life. We need the generous vision of the people and especially of Jesus, rather than the jaundiced vision of the religious leaders, if we are to see the many ways that the Lord is present and active among us.

May the Lord be with us always and bless us in all our good endeavours and works, for His greater glory! Amen!! Have a great day!!!




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