A prophet is not without honour, except in his country

A prophet is not without honour, except in his country


Ezk. 2:2-5, 2 Cor. 12:7-10, Mk 6:1-6. On this Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, the Church invites us to live according to the way of love, justice and compassion of God. In today’s first reading, Ezekiel says that the Spirit of God “set him on his feet” to reminds us that without the Holy Spirit, grace, energy that is God’s gracious gift, faith-life is not possible. Inner transformation is not possible, change is not possible, the movement into the wholeness that Yahweh-Shalom offers is not possible without the Holy Spirit.

To live the covenant, however, demands awareness; it calls for a commitment to be conscious of grace and practical implications of grace that needs to find expression in real, practical, reconciling, forgiving, growth oriented patterns of life and relationship. Today’s Gospel suggests we need to confront any tendency to judge others, take hurt and offence from them, reject them and make them scapegoats of our unrecognised aversions and resentments. We need to become more aware of how we spread negativity at home, among our friends at work or wherever—lest we become like Pharisees or Herodians, or those of Jesus’ people. We need to realise how easy it is to confuse reality with our ingrained prejudices and preferred viewpoints. We need to see that every story has another side, every person has his or her own reasons for what they do. With Paul we need to acknowledge our “thorn,” complex, shadow, inferior function and potential for neurotic behaviour. The last line of the Gospel is fairly stark: “He was amazed at their lack of faith.” Many would suggest that if Jesus was to come among us again He would be amazed at how our land has changed. People living in fear of being attacked in their homes.

May the Lord renew in our hearts the prophetic zeal that will lead us to put aflame in the world the fire of God’s love! Amen!! Happy Sunday!!!




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