New Wine, New wine skin

New Wine, New wine skin


Amos 9:11-15, Mt. 9:14-17. After all his prophecies of doom and disaster, Amos spoke of a time of restoration for Israel as recounted in today’s first reading. Amos came to the end of his prophecies with promises of rebuilt cities and plentiful harvests. Amos reminds the people of Israel that God will renew the Divine promises as the people renew their relationship with Him. All will be restored as the people turn again to God and renew their relationship by their observance of God’s commands.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives the imagery of new wine in new wineskins to speak about renew hope of relationship with God. Hope comes from a renewed relationship with God, even though the fullness of promises may not be experienced immediately. Jesus reminds His interrogators that the new wine calls for new wineskins, a way of life in keeping with the good news proclaimed by His life. We are always in the presence of the risen Lord, the Divine bridegroom and He is always offering us new wine, the new wine of God’s Kingdom. We always stand before the Lord’s call for a renewal of life that is worthy of the presence of the bridegroom. A way of life that is capable of containing in some way the new wine of God’s loving presence in Jesus.

May the Lord renew our strength and grant us His love! Amen!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!




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