The Queen of Sheba came to experience the wisdom of Solomon

The Queen of Sheba came to experience the wisdom of Solomon


1 Kgs 10:1-10, Mk 7:14-23. Attracted by the wisdom of Solomon, Queen of Sheba came to see Solomon as reported in today’s first reading. When she experienced Solomon’s empire and all that he had accomplished, she declared that the reports of Solomon’s wisdom were under-reported and understated, for Solomon manifested more wisdom than was reported. Solomon displayed a wisdom that has been the hallmark of this quality for millennia as His fame spread throughout the known world of his day.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus’ words develop the theme of wisdom, stressing that all things are part of God’s good creation and meant to enhance our life. What we eat or drink is clean and healthy, gifts from the God of life. Evil comes from within a corrupt heart, from which flow all kinds of offences. Without wisdom, selfish impulses can take hold of our heart. Jesus names some of them, that are the very obverse of the Decalogue: theft, fornication, murder, greed, arrogance and an obtuse spirit. Our lives must be sincere, open always to the breath of God’s Spirit. Central to every good life lies a love of wisdom, humbly following where God leads us.

May the Lord strengthen our faith in Him, so that we may grow stronger in our love for Him and in good works! Amen!! Have a terrific day!!!




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