Jesus takes the initiative to come to us

Jesus takes the initiative to come to us


1 Tim. 3:1-13, Lk. 7:11-17. In today’s first reading, Paul’s guidance to Timothy suggests some levels of formal leadership emerging in the early Church. Just as the body is one with many parts, all the members are one body as is Christ; He reflects on the various kinds of gifts and abilities needed in the life of the Church. The virtues expected of the Church hierarchy are therefore enumerated as: irreproachable, self-controlled, modest, hospitable, not addicted to drink and one who can hold fast to the Divinely revealed faith with a clear conscience.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus gave a good example to religious leaders in His encounter with the widow whose only son died. Jesus was moved with compassion by this woman’s plight, as He restores her son to life. It is striking that the widow in this story did not take any initiative to invite Jesus. Without waiting to be asked, Jesus simply responded to a situation of human grief and loss. The Lord reaches out to us in any situation of grief and loss, without waiting to be asked. When we are at our lowest and most vulnerable, His compassion continue to embrace us. We need not carry our griefs on our own, for He carries them with us. The Lord who shows us compassionate love wants us to be channels of compassion to others in their hour of need, to carry each other’s burdens, as He carries ours.

May the Lord lift for us our burdens and grant us His steadfast love! Amen!! Have a great day!!! 

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