Memorial of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian

Memorial of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian


1 Tim. 1:15-17, Lk. 6:43-49. In today’s first reading, Paul describes how he turned from one of the most ardent opponents of the Gospel message to one of the most dramatic proponents of a relationship with Jesus and His message. The message of Christ builds in us the virtue of patience and a firm foundation to withstand all obstacles. In today’s Gospel, Jesus presents Himself as the solid foundation to build on. Listening to His words, acting on them and to ensures that our lives are built on rock to face the storms of life when they arise.

If we build on the Lord, we can hold on when we are tested. He needs us to actively choose Him as the foundation of our lives. If we are to know the security which only He can give us, we need to entrust ourselves to Him. Saints Cornelius and Cyprian were who entrusted their lives to Jesus in their writings and defense of the faith. They courageously led the Church and resisted against all the efforts of those who sought to exclude the lapsed Christians from returning to the Lord. Their great efforts and works eventually prevailed. The support for the Novatian heretics floundered and the Church kept its open arms and doors, ever ready to welcome those sinners who come seeking God’s forgiveness and grace.

May the Lord lead us from the shadows of death, so that we may grow together in faith and love to give lasting thanks for all His goodness! Amen!! Happy weekend!!!





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