The Conversion of St Paul

The Conversion of St Paul


THE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL: Acts 22:3-16, Mk 16:15-18. One of the most fascinating elements of Paul’s conversion is that the encounter with Jesus left him unable to see and in need of help from his companions. His encounter with Jesus made him aware of his vulnerability and his need for others. Perhaps his reflection on this experience led to his brilliant teaching about the Body of Christ and our need to be united in the Lord. 

After encountering Jesus on the road, Paul completely changed his life. He went from persecuting followers of Christ and dragging them in chains to prison to being one of Christianity’s most eloquent supporters and preacher of the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire. By his conversion, the Law was no longer an obstacle to the salvation of Gentiles; they could be saved without becoming Jews. According to Paul, his conversion was for the sake of the Gentiles, “When he who had set me apart from my mother’s womb, and had called me through his grace, was pleased to reveal his son to me, in order that I might preach him among the nations.”

May the Lord grant us the zeal of Paul to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the world! Amen!! Good morning and have a great day!!!

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