Let me see again

Let me see again


Rev. 1:1-4.2:1-5, Lk. 18:35-43. Today's first reading is both a commendation and warning to seven key communities of faith in Asia Minor. In addressing the Christians gathered at Ephesus, John commended the way they have recognised false prophets and of their deep rooted faith to face persecution. As they went through life challenges, they lost some of the initial enthusiasm and commitment. Due to distraction, they were unable to practice their faith with the same passion with which they first did. Perhaps we may need some kind of conversion, like the Christians in Ephesus who were challenged to repent for their lax attitude and turn more fully to God: “You have turned aside from your early love. Repent and return to your former deeds.” By examining our conscience we can discern whether this call to conversion also applies to us.

Those murmured words may revive the memory of some early ideals, now discarded, to which we should return. This awakening of conscience should be welcomed by everyone who desire to seek the face of God and call to Him for help like the blind man of today's Gospel. As Jesus intended to pass through Jericho on His way to Jerusalem, a blind beggar called out: "Jesus, son of David, have pity on me," He stopped and gave him His full attention. Our Lord might be on a journey, but He was never indifferent to those He met along the way. They were just as important to Him as His destination. That is why He gave this blind man His full attention when others were telling him to be quiet. He answered the man’s heartfelt wishes of "Let me see again", and, as a result, a wave of of praise and prayer spread to all the people who witnessed it. The story models for us the value of responding to the call of the present moment. Today, we are challenged not to get distracted in our destination as to ignore where we are. What we might first seem like interruptions can actually be where we can do a worthwhile service in the name of the Lord.

May the Lord grant us grace and strong will to overcome all obstacles that obstruct us from reaching God! Amen!! Good morning, do have a fruitful week!!!

Revd Fr Samuel Frederick.

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