You are the Light of the World

You are the Light of the World


Prov. 3:27-34, Lk. 8:16-18. Today's first reading presents us with a set of moral guide to better our relationship with God and others. Thus, it began with a call to a generous life, especially when we have the resources and means at our beck and call. There is also the need to be humble and honest in our dealings with others without picking up groundless quarrel with anyone. We will do well in interpersonal relationships and nearness to God if we are considerate and prudent in handling things. In today's Gospel, Jesus challenges us to avoid pretence for nothing covered will remain unknown forever. Using the metaphor of a lighted lamp, Jesus shows how nothing hidden will not be uncovered and how our true intentions are known by God. Thus, we are called to be genuine in our actions and not be hypocrites, who pretended to care for others but in truth had no place for God. There is no place for those who have not been genuine in their faith and love for Him.

Unless our intentions are genuine, we cannot satisfactorily do the will of God. Until the 'lamp of faith' is kept burning brightly, we may not be able to live the life of faith as directed by God. The light of our faith shines better if we follow Divine directive and remain focus in doing the right and noble things in imitation of Christ the true light. Today, we are challenged to be 'torch-bearers' of Christ to help others to see the truth clearly and walk without fear. We must walk in His light, so that we can grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. However, if we shut Christ out of our life, our God given gifts becomes redundant.

May the love of Christ be with us this week, guide us and grant us health and strength to be true light to our world! Amen!! Good morning and have a productive week!!!

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