We shall be held accountable for our deeds

We shall be held accountable for our deeds


Amos 8:4-7, 1 Tim. 2:1-8, Lk. 16:1-13. On this Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, the Church challenges us to be astute in our dealings with the things of God knowing that we shall be held accountable for all our actions and inactions. In today's first reading, Amos decries the hypocrisy in the religious practices of the northern kingdom of Israel. Amos levels this accusations against Jeroboam II, priests, landowners and the merchants who seek the end of the periods of holy days of Sabbath and new moon feasts to be over so they can get back to their cheating ways. Amos affirms that where there is no justice, where the weak are oppressed and their sufferings ignored, religion is only a show, instead of being an opportunity to raise their minds to God. In a case where religion attain such a level of mischief, Paul recommends that “requests, supplications, prayers and thanksgiving for all people, for the king and those in power” be made.

The good order of our society depends on everyone, especially the political and religious leaders. If they do not fulfil their duty well, we cannot “lead a quiet and tranquil life.” Thus, in today's Gospel, Jesus encourages us to be good administrator, keeping in mind that everything we say and do, everything we commit in actions and interactions, will be held accountable for. In the parable, Jesus tells us of a steward who is accused for being incompetent, but praised by being astute when he was dismissed. The admiration of the landowner and the praise of Jesus have a logical explanation if we understand the sense of detachment from the steward, who understood that money can devalue, then he decides to stake all on his friends. This is a wise choice that Jesus encourages us to make and not hoard resources, for the benefitted persons will bear witness in our favour on the day in which money will have no value. In this parable, Jesus also teaches us to purify the unfair riches. What Jesus would like us to understand is that the only smart way of using the goods of this world is to use them to help others, to make them friends. They will be the ones to welcome us in life.

May the Lord help us to work hard for the spread of the Reign of God and be good models of faith and integrity! Good morning and happy Sunday!!!

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