Jesus is here to calm our fears

Jesus is here to calm our fears


Jer. 30:1-2.12-15.18-20, Mt. 14:22-36. Today’s readings deal with two moments of crisis, first a national crisis arising from political force, the Assyrian invasion of the northern kingdom of Israel and the other from natural cause, a sudden windstorm sweeping on the Lake of Galilee. The control of these crises suggest that no circumstance is either insignificant or so critical for the Lord not to help us. A tragic situation is described by Jeremiah as the northern kingdom of Israel was broken by the Assyrians and its people taken forcibly into exile. Jeremiah’s family was among the few left behind. More than thirty years later, as the Assyrian empire fell apart, Jeremiah saw a great hope for their return. Though it seemed hopeless from the beginning: “Incurable is your wound, grievous your bruise;” but this desperate situation was not hopeless for the Lord. The prophet was inspired to declare in God’s name: "See, I will restore the tents of Jacob. City shall be rebuilt on hill. From them will come songs of praise." This optimistic spirit continues into today's Gospel as Jesus saved the disciples, adrift on stormy waters on the Lake of Galilee.

The storm, gale, wind and the waves were so intense that the boat was in real danger of being sunk. It was then that the Lord miraculously appeared before them, as He walked towards them on the raging waters. The disciples were initially frightened and spooked out, thinking that they had seen a ghost. The Lord reassured them that it was Him and Peter then jumped into the water, walking towards Him, with faith and desire to come to the Lord, at the same time with doubt and uncertainties. Peter walked towards the Lord for a few steps, miraculously on the water, until he began to be overwhelmed by fear and doubt, which made him to begin to sink into the water, before he cried out to the Lord for help. The Lord helped Peter out and chided him for his lack of faith. The boat represents the Church, while the disciples represent all of us with our faith and doubts, with our courage and uncertainties. The storm, the gale, the wind and the waves on the other hand represents the trials and challenges that we have to face in our lives, as we live through the many obstacles in their various forms. Like Peter and the other disciples, sometimes we have no faith in God, such that we become doubtful and fearful, worried that we would suffer and lose everything. Today’s story reminds us that God is and will always be there by our side, if we only learn to focus on Him and not be distracted by the many trials and challenges that we may have to face throughout life.

May we be open to what God has in store for us and seek to help others follow the paths of our Lord Jesus! Amen!! Good morning, have a terrific day!!!

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