The Memorial of St Alphonsus Liguori

The Memorial of St Alphonsus Liguori


Jer. 28:1-17, Mt. 14:22-36. Even though we sometimes experience the presence of God, yet we fail to fully trust in Him. Today's first reading recounts how Jeremiah encountered a false prophet who tried to raise the false hopes of the people during the time of exile. At this instance, Jeremiah wore a wooden yoke, a symbol of the fate of the people led away in exile to Babylon. A prophet named Hananiah came before the remnant of Israel in Jerusalem prophesying the end of the exile. Jeremiah spoke to Hananiah and the people saying that he wished it were as Hananiah prophesy, but Hananiah was only spreading false hope. Angered that Jeremiah called him a false prophet, Hananiah broke the wooden yoke on Jeremiah’s shoulders. Thus, the Lord made known to Jeremiah that the wooden yoke will be replaced by an iron yoke, which means that things are going to turn even harsher for the people in exil.

Having being moved by the news of the beheading of John the Baptist, Jesus head out in a boat to have some time alone, before the people met up with Him. In today's Gospel, Jesus showed His deep compassion for the hungry and tired multitude. In that occasion, the Lord showed His great providence and love for His people, caring for the needs of those who had chosen to follow Him and devoted themselves to Him. St Alphonsus Liguori whose memorial we celebrate dedicated his live to God as he spent a lot of effort in reaching out to the people of God, especially those who have been falling off the path towards God’s redemption. St Alphonsus Liguori was the famous founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, also known as the Redemptorist Order. He was a committed Bishop and loving shepherd to his flock and community, who dedicated himself to his mission which he shared with his Redemptorist Order, by bringing the truth of Christ to the people, guiding them amidst the heretical teachings that were rampant at that time.

May the Lord restore the hope of the hopeless, so that we may all continue to seek the truth and be filled with faith as we journey along through life! Amen!! Good morning and have a fruitful week!!!

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