The Memorial of St Irenaeus

The Memorial of St Irenaeus


Amos 3:1-8.4:11-12, Mt. 8:23-27. The awesome power of God is revealed in saving us from peril and storms of life. In today's first reading, Amos, the prophet from the southern kingdom of Judah was sent to the northern kingdom of Israel to condemn the misdeed of the chosen people of God. By that time, the northern kingdom of Israel had already defied the Lord and its people and king had always committed what is vile and wicked in the sight of God and the Lord proclaimed His judgment on them through Amos. After the condemnation, Amos declared that God has warned the chosen people to be faithful to the covenant which He established with them. The Lord told them that there is nothing that He does not know about the actions and behaviours of the people whose wickedness had been so despicable and unbecoming of those whom He had called to be His own. Since they had not heeded the warnings, the kingdom of Israel will fall within a generation and all the people will be exiled. God allowed this to happen, not because He was spiteful, but because the people opened themselves up to negative forces by not doing as they promised to do.

Due to negative vile in the disciples, today's Gospel recounts their lack of faith when they were beseeched by a storm on the sea. Jesus boards a boat with His disciples and they set out across the Sea of Galilee. Jesus, exhausted from preaching and healing, quickly fell asleep, even as a storm batters the boat, the frightened disciples woke Him and He rebuked them for their lack of faith, He rebuked the storm and peace and calm took over the sea. In the face of anxiety and danger, God saves those who trust in Him. The disciples in the boat were amazed at the authority of Jesus over the wind and the waves. Our faith in divine providence and trust in Jesus can help us survive storms and not be driven to despair. With such courage and hope, St Irenaeus whose memorial we celebrate defended the Christian orthodoxy against the heretical teachings and efforts to undermine the Church by various groups and peoples. Irenaeus was a renowned Bishop of southern France, who hailed from Smyrna in Asia Minor.

May the Lord calm the storm of our lives and strengthen us, especially at this times of instability and fear! Amen!! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!

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