My Father and I are one

My Father and I are one


Acts 12:24-13:5, Jn 12:44-50. Today's first reading presents us with the first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas. Their missionary efforts included the mission of evangelisation and building up the Church communities across the Mediterranean. The Twelve Apostles laid their hands on Paul and Barnabas, praying over them and granting them the guidance of the Holy Spirit, entrusting to them the ministry of preaching and spreading the goodnews to the people who have not yet heard of the Lord. They were sent to continue the good works of the Lord, as they were entrusted with the mission to reconcile the whole world and all mankind to their loving Father.

In today's Gospel, Jesus speaks about the intimate bond between Him and His Father, so much so that those who believe in Jesus are the ones who believe in God. Jesus has not come to condemn and punish the world, He has come to bring light and life to the world – to save the world. People will continue in darkness and death, if they do not understand Jesus’ word and mission and they refuse to accept that He has a deep and close relationship with His Father, who happens to be God. Those who do not welcome Jesus into their lives will condemn themselves by choosing to live in darkness, death and ignorance. God desires that we have eternal life; a share in the divine life that last forever. God kept sending us His emissaries to announce the divine plan, but people did not, or refused to understand. God became incarnate in Jesus to save the world and lift us to the higher life. Yet, in His human, earthly body, Jesus did not remain on earth, He gave us the Holy Spirit to continue the divine presence, the divine instruction and the divine empowerment.

May the Lord fill our hearts with His love and let the praise of His glory be the joy of our lives! Amen!! Good morning, it is well with you!!!

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