Memorial of St Anthony Padua

Memorial of St Anthony Padua


1 Kgs 18:41-46, Mt. 5:20-26. Today’s first reading recounts the moment when God showed Ahab how He had withheld the rain over the land for years. By doing this, He essentially showed that He is truly in charge of all things. He showed His might at Mount Carmel upon the sacrificial offerings of Elijah while Baal, the god that king Ahab and the Israelites worshipped failed. The people sinned because they preferred to follow their own ways and did not truly believe in God as they should have done. In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges His followers to be truly righteous and not self-righteous like the Scribes and Pharisees. Many of the Jewish leaders act “holier than thou.” The key word is “act” by putting on a show.

Jesus warned His disciples that they must go beyond the mere keeping of the law. He commands those who would truly be righteous to do more than just observing the commandments. Not only is killing another person wrong, but calling someone “raqa” translated as, “a fool, emptied headed, good-for-nothing or imbecile” will be reason to be judged. Jesus also dictates that His followers be reconciled with others before offering a gift to God, before we can be said to be righteous and live morally upright lives. St Anthony of Padua became righteous by his faith and life that was truly inspirational to all. Anthony was born into a wealthy family in what is now Portugal. He was called by God to be His servant and missionary of God. He became a member of the Franciscans and was ordained a Priest. However, his dream and desire to go forth in missionary works was prevented by sickness, but chose to continue his missions among the people of the places he ministered in.

May the Lord strengthen us in faith and conviction, so that by our every words, actions and deeds, we may continue to glorify Him! Amen!! Have a great day!!!





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