We believe and so we speak

We believe and so we speak


 Gen. 3:9-15, 2 Cor. 4:13–5:1, Mk 3:20-35. On this Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, the Church invites us to allow God’s word to be alive and keep growing in our lives. A thread running through today’s readings is about the threat of evil in human existence. Today’s first reading deals with the origin of evil; which comes from outside and within man. The human condition with its experience of disharmony in human relationships and in our relationship with God is presented as a fall from the ideal. This disharmony which is the essence of evil, is the result of sin.

The reaction of Adam and Eve to the question on whether they have eaten the forbidden fruit was the “blame game” a refusal to admit that each was responsible for disobeying a command. Adam shifted the blame to Eve and Eve to the serpent. There is the tendency to deny the consciousness of what is sinful or admitting a wrong done. Sinful actions are renamed to justify their goodness. There is no better way to curb all the evils and atrocities in the world than an increased awareness that certain actions offends God and man and must be avoided and condemned. In today’s Gospel, Jesus was misunderstood and termed a lunatic by His people because He tried to draw their attention to the fact that their actions offend God and their need to acknowledge their wrong doings and change from their evil ways. God is ever ready to forgive when we acknowledge our sinful actions and make amends.

May the words of the Lord continue to be our consolation in the fight against sin and evil, so that the grace of God in us will remain renewed! Amen!! Good morning and happy Sunday!!!




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