If we are unfaithful God still remains faithful

If we are unfaithful God still remains faithful


  2 Tim. 2:8-15, Mk 12:28-34. In today’s first reading, Paul affirms that he is willing to risk everything so that those whom God has chosen can receive the gift of salvation. Paul recalls many hardships he has endured for the faith, even being in prison and chains. He was serenely willing to die with Christ, that we may live with Him. As leader of his local Church, Timothy must set high standards and avoid empty doctrinal disputation. We need each other’s help, for at one time this one suffers and later it is the other who is in need. We support one another, the able-bodied caring for the weak; for sooner or later there would be a reversal of fortune and the strong will be the ones needing help.

In our weakness there is still hope, as Paul writes: “If we are unfaithful God still remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” In today’s Gospel, Jesus presents God’s faithfulness in the commandment to love God and neighbour as ourselves. These two principles are inseparable. We cannot love God truly without loving our neighbour and in loving our neighbour we are, at the same time, loving God. Still, the two are not on the same level, for one is first and the other, second. The love of God is to be the primary love in our lives. We owe our lives to God and so we should “Seek first the kingdom of God.” If we really love God, it will overflow into love of others and our various links with other people will reflect something of God’s love for them.

May the Lord grant us His mercy and show us His steadfast love! Amen!! Have a great day!!!



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