Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar

Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar


 2 Pet. 3:12-15.17-18, Mk 12:13-17. In today’s first reading, Peter urges his audience to be patient, particularly as they await the coming of the day of the Lord. God has begun the time of salvation, but the fullness has not yet arrived, but promises that a time will come when current situation will be different — there will be new Heavens and a new earth. While waiting for that day, we are reminded that we must live blameless lives just as Jesus lived a faultless life while waiting for His time of glory. It is only when believers stay focused on the Lord Jesus that they will have the strength and stability to face the wiles of the faithless people. Again, it is not our doing the right thing that saves us, but the gift of salvation that we have received that motivates us to do the proper thing.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is challenged by the religious leaders of His day, as they try to trap Him by asking Him a question about paying taxes. Jesus assertively responded in a way that shows that He is more than a match for their craftiness. Yes, the coin can be given to Caesar because it bears his image, but what we owe to God is more fundamental because we carry His image and likeness.

May the Lord fill us with kindness, that we may shout for joy all our days and remain our refuge and strength! Amen!! Have a great day!!!




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