Memorial of St Charles Lwanga

Memorial of St Charles Lwanga


2 Pet. 1:2-7, Mk 12:1-12. In today’s first reading, Peter gives a list of qualities that should aid us in living our faith. These qualities come from the graciousness of our God and the practice of them should lead us to faith. Faith is to be supported by virtue, which is made stronger through knowledge. Knowledge demands that we have self-control. One will not be able to apply oneself to the conscientious decision if one is not self-disciplined. Self-control is fortified with endurance, that continuous practice of doing the right thing. Endurance will be aided with devotion to God. Devotion to God is demonstrated by brotherly love and service of God is manifested by service and care of those around us.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus demands such service of God and care for people around us as in the parable of the tenant farmers who do not respect the owner of the vineyard in which they work. At the end of the story, the stone rejected by the builders goes on to become the keystone. Jesus is the living sign that the rejected stone can become the keystone. God works in a life-giving way in and through all hardships we struggle with in life. What we might judge to be misfortunes can turn out to be moments of grace. He will support us to the end with all we need. St Charles Lwanga was supported during his life time and martyrdom, by proclaiming the good news, truth and salvation in God. Charles Lwanga stood by his faith and refused to renounce his faith when confronted by the king who ordered that all his servants and court pages to renounce Christianity if they had become a convert to the faith.

May the Lord empower us, so that by our actions, we will continue to shine forth with the light of faith, helping many around us to come to the fullness of God’s love and grace! Amen!! Have a fruitful week!!!




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