Memorial of St Justin the Martyr

Memorial of St Justin the Martyr


 Jude 17:20-25, Mk 11:27-33. God requires honesty in us, in order to properly relate to Him. Dishonesty sets up a more formidable barrier to God’s presence with us than many of our more identifiable sins. These can be forgiven by God’s great mercy, but only if we are honest enough to admit that we have sins to be forgiven. Today’s first reading deals with this kind of honesty: “Correct those who are confused; the others you must rescue, snatching them from the fire.” Jesus makes a similar demand, when religious leaders feel that their monopoly of truth and holiness dispenses them from being honest and above board. To protect their status they permit themselves to be devious.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus was required to offer some justification for His startling act of clearing the merchants out of the Temple: “What authority have you for acting like this?” We believe that Jesus spoke and acted with the authority of God. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it was a true and liberating authority. We all need empowerment of some sort to live with nobility and purpose. The real issue is where to seek that empowerment. Faith assures us that Jesus has the authentic authority of God, enabling us to be fully human and fully alive. St Justin Martyr sort Divine empowerment in his defense of the Christian faith, even to none believers. Justin was born into a Greek family at the region of Samaria in the Holy Land according to Apostolic and Church tradition. It was told that an old Syrian Christian whom he encountered on a seashore and the dialogues that Justin had with the old man convinced him to believe in God. Justin was then involved in extensive missionary activities, going to various places to proclaim the Lord and His truth.

May the Lord empower us, so that in everything we say and do, we will always do our best to live our lives as good and worthy Christians, persevering amidst the many challenges and difficulties! Amen!! Have a glorious weekend!!!




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