You are a Chosen Race

You are a Chosen Race


1 Pet. 2:2-5.9-12, Mk 10:46-52. Today’s first reading reports Peter’s encouragement to people who were emotionally drained by recent events. They were reeling from the loss of the Jerusalem Temple, which was God’s dwelling place on earth and they were being treated as outsiders by the social world around them. Peter invited them to trust in Jesus and let Him build them into a spiritual Temple or household of God, with Christ as the foundation-stone.

This was good news for people who felt like aliens in a hostile world and wondered where God was in all of the situations of their lives. They do not need to search for a new homeland or build a new shrine to God’s presence; they can choose to actually be the place of God’s presence as well as home and family for the homeless. In today’s Gospel, Jesus scolded those who prevented Bartimaeus from getting near Him. Instead of shutting people out, He needs us to open up the Kingdom of Heaven to others. We are to lead each other to the Lord, reveal the Lord to each other and, in so doing, support each other on our journey towards God. Our vocation is to help others meet Him and support them in following the Lord along the road.

May the Lord open to us the treasure of His love and strengthen us in our resolve to do His will! Amen!! Have a wonderful day!!!




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