We have left everything and followed you

We have left everything and followed you


1 Pet. 1:10-16, Mk 10:28-31. In today’s first reading, Peter urged: “discipline yourselves; set all your hope on the grace of Jesus Christ.” Peter’s epistle affirms our sense of the universal vocation to holiness and personal bond with Christ as it sets the bar very high for all the baptised. In today’s Gospel, Jesus also promises a rich reward for all who sacrifice their comfort for His sake. Peter and the others followed the example of the One who identified with the poor, encouraged them and spoke up in their defense. Like Jesus, they will take risks when reaching out, even — literally or figuratively — “touch the leper” and be be branded as unclean. Such compassion bonds us with Jesus who declared that: “The last shall be first.”

Peter and the others had given up a great deal to stay with Jesus. They wondered if it was really worth it all, he asked: “What about us? We have left everything and followed you.” We also responded to His call, though not so radically as those first disciples, who left their livelihood and family for an uncertain future. On moments of doubt we may be tempted to ask: “Is it worth the effort, this struggle to live by the Gospel day in and day out.” The clear answer is, “yes, it is worth the effort.” He promises that when we really give of ourselves for His sake, we will gain far more than we give up.

May the Lord grant us His steadfast love and strengthen us in our faith journey! Amen!! Have a terrific day!!!



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