How hard it will be for those who trust in riches

How hard it will be for those who trust in riches


 1 Pet. 1:3-9, Mk 10:17-27. In today’s first reading, Peter encourages the early Christians to remain faithful to the gifts they have received through their faith in Jesus. He reassured them of the promises of Jesus that will be fulfilled which evokes greater joy than having earthly riches such as gold. He used the analogy of gold, saying that gold has to go through purification by being heated to high temperatures. If gold is tested by fire and still is perishable, how much more should they be willing to undergo trying times in order to have their faith purified and become rich with imperishable wealth.

Since God is faithful to us, we must also be faithful to Him. Today’s Gospel account of the rich, law-abiding young man reminds us of another aspect of faithfulness to God. Faith is not just jumping through certain hoops to show we are faithful to God and the Divine commands. The rich young man was ready for the challenges of discipleship: the learning, the travelling, the companionship–but not for this stark call to renunciation. The Lord wants us to know that we must always prioritise Him in all things, to live our lives always in His path and doing whatever it is that He has taught us to do.

May the Lord help us to persevere amidst all the challenges and trials that we may have to face in our journey! Amen!! Have a fruitful week!!!




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