Whoever receives me, receives Him who sent me

Whoever receives me, receives Him who sent me


 James 5:1-6, Mk 9:41-50. The author of today’s first reading reflects on the dangers of excessive desire for riches. James challenges us to examine our choice of earthly possession over heavenly treasures. The author particularly criticises those who are willing to climb the ladder of success at the expense of other people.

In Jesus we find one who wish to lift people to climb the ladder of success. In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks about those who come to our aid because we belong to Christ. Those people will receive a payment, not necessarily in money, that will far outdo their expenses in serving the brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus. Jesus further warns those who mislead others so that those who are misled go down the wrong path. He foretold a punishment worse than that of a person who has a very heavy millstone fastened to the necks and then is thrown into the sea and drowns. Life is for sharing what is ours and forming bonds with others. In such a lifestyle, even small acts of helpfulness have special meaning: “Anyone who gives you a drink of water because you belong to Christ will not go unrewarded.”

May the Lord grant us His steadfast love and protect us from all evil! Amen!! Have a wonderful day!!!




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