If the Lord wills it

If the Lord wills it


James 4:13-17, Mk 9:38-40. In today’s first reading, James challenges us to make good use of the opportune moments we have with God. Since we have no knowledge of what the future owns for us, we are enjoined to avoid any form of arrogance but submit to God who owns the future. Our plans should always include “If the Lord wills it.” The Psalmist echoes these thoughts with the words “in no way can mortals redeem themselves or pay their own ransom to God. Too high is the price to redeem our life.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus reassures His disciples that those who are doing good things in His name are one with us, even though may not be in our regular company or profess the same ideas. As we journey along the voyage of life, some of our shipmates may get tossed out of our boat by storming waters. We should be grateful if another passing vessel stops and picks them up and brings them ashore. We should also be willing to do what we can for those whom we see floating in the waters, after they have gone overboard from their crafts. What is important is that we are seeking to do the will of God and making sure that everyone arrives safely at the Heavenly harbour.

May the Lord guide us always in our paths through life and help us to accept the will of God however it comes! Amen!! Have a wonderful day!!!




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