The Lord gives us the same opportunity for personal commitments

The Lord gives us the same opportunity for personal commitments


Acts 25:13-21, Jn 21:15-19. Fear has a way of making us fall short of our best. This happened even to Peter, when terrified he denied Jesus three times. After the resurrection Peter returned to His former job as a fisherman and Jesus appeared to Him by the lakeside and three times asked the incisive question as reported in today’s Gospel: “Do you love me?” Peter who was no longer the impulsive man of former days, has become humble and remorseful. Only when Peter answers with humble love and total submission, “Lord, you know everything,” does Jesus commission him to “Feed my sheep.”

Moving out from Jerusalem into a wider field of mission, today’s first reading recounts how Peter brought the Gospel message first to Joppa and then Antioch and later to Rome. Love, contrition and obedience to the Lord’s prompting became the hallmarks of his ministry. The risen Lord gives us the same opportunity to express our personal love and commitment. The question, “Do you love me?” is asked by the one who has loved us with a Divine love. It is not an accusing question; it is an inviting question calling us back into communion if, for whatever reason, we have fallen out of contact with Him. It is a privilege for us to respond to that question as Peter does and renew our communion with the Lord if we have broken it.

May the Lord be always by our side, so that we may grow in faith and trust in Him and be strengthened by His loving guidance! Amen!! Have a wonderful day!!!



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