I have other plans for him

I have other plans for him


Acts 28:16-20.30-31, Jn 21:20-25. Today’s Gospel scene features three main characters, Jesus, Peter and the Beloved Disciple. Peter had just received an important role, “Feed my lambs and my sheep.” Instead of asking what this new responsibility might mean, Peter asks about the future of the Beloved Disciple, “What about him, Lord?” Jesus seems to say, “I have other plans for him. You just follow me, doing the work I have given you.”

Peter and the Beloved Disciple had different roles to play. The Lord has different roles for each of us, something that no one else can do. Rather than wondering, like Peter, what God wants from other people, we need to discern what task is given to us, personally. Comparison with others is just a distraction; we can only be ourselves. The Lord has a unique role for each one of us. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to use us achieve His plans for us like He led Paul in his ministry. Today’s first reading recounts the last two years of his life, under house arrest in Rome. Paul addresses the Jewish community in Rome speaking about his being even more faithful to the God of the Jews than earlier in his life. He asks his listeners to see Jesus as the hope of Israel..

May the Lord grant us His mercy and show us His steadfast love! Amen!! Happy weekend!!!




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