God resists the proud but shows Favour to the Lowly

God resists the proud but shows Favour to the Lowly


 Jam. 4:110, Mk 9:30-37. As we return to the ordinary time of the year after Easter, the Church invites us to reflect on the virtue of humility. In today’s first reading, James exhorts us to humble ourselves in the sight of God and God will take care of us: “God resists the proud but shows favour to the lowly.” The arrogant ones think of themselves always. James mentions some of the characteristics of the arrogant: always in conflicts with others, covetous, envious, asking wrongly and seeking to please only themselves. The Apostles were guilty of these they journeyed along, they argued over who was to be the greatest. Thus, in today’s Gospel, Jesus asserts that any one who wishes to be first, needs to think of oneself as last and be childlike.

The call to welcome a child as one would welcome Jesus is a call to imitate the humility of Christ, for we can find Him in surprising ways and among the simplest people. Just as children tolerate and relate with other playmates, so we should respect those who are least self-important. Childhood in this sense is not a matter of age only. A person who is lonely may also be waiting for the healing touch of kindness. To welcome Jesus as a child is to open one’s arms to those who need us.

May the Lord bring healing to the sick, comfort the afflicted and keep us humble all the days of our lives! Amen!! Have a gracious day!!!



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