The Good Shepherd is here to protect us as His flock

The Good Shepherd is here to protect us as His flock


 Acts 4:8-12, 1 Jn 3:1-2, Jn 10:11-18. As we celebrate the Good Shepherd on this Fourth Sunday of Easter Year B, the Church invites us to imitate Christ, the good and true Shepherd. In today’s first reading, Peter speaks of the stone that was rejected by the builders becoming the keystone of the building. There is a clear reference there to Jesus who sees us as the keystone in His unique mission. He recognises the potential for good that is within us. On this Vocations Sunday we commit ourselves anew to hearing and responding to the call of the good shepherd.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus illustrates His teaching by referring to shepherds and sheep. Here, Jesus identifies Himself as the Good Shepherd foretold by the prophets. By faith we accept Jesus and our relationship is a deeply personal one. The bond of love uniting us is based on the love that unites the Father and Jesus. Our new existence is founded on God’s unbreakable love and faithfulness. In order to enter eternal life we must listen to Jesus and tune our minds to the sound of His voice. Jesus is saying that the personal relationship He has with His heavenly Father is the model for the equally personal relationship He has with us. Jesus knows us as intimately as the Father knows Him and He wants us to know Him as intimately as He knows the Father. The Lord knows us by name and relates to us in a personal way as He invites us to relate to Him in a personal way.

May the Lord make us beacons of Christ’s light, hope and truth to the whole world, in our lives, actions and deeds, so that more people may come to believe in God through us! Amen!! Happy Sunday!!!




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