The Loving Kindness and Enduring Fidelity of God is Everlasting

The Loving Kindness and Enduring Fidelity of God is Everlasting


Acts 9:1-20, Jn 6:52-59. Two of the qualities that are the hallmarks of God throughout the Scriptures are “the loving kindness and enduring fidelity.” These two qualities are reflected in the second verse of today’s Psalm: “For steadfast is God’s kindness toward us, and the fidelity of the Lord endures forever.” It is from these steadfast love and kindness that Paul experienced the touch of God in his life-changing experience on the road to Damascus. Saul was a Pharisee, a strict Jew who followed the precepts of the law to the extreme. Saul was also a Roman citizen who was fluent in Greek and Hebrew. Saul was so caught up in fulfilling the letter of the law that he was totally committed to the religious philosophy and legalism of Judaism.

These “the loving kindness and enduring fidelity” are reported in today’s Gospel as Jesus gives Himself for our salvation. The same Jesus who gave His life for us on the Cross, gives Himself to us in sacramental form as food. He explained that He becomes food and drink so that we may draw life from Him: “Whoever eats me will draw life from me.” The life flowing from Jesus as He died upon the Cross, symbolised by the blood and water, is shared with us when we eat His body and drink His blood in communion. We receive the holy Eucharist in order to draw life from Christ, as branches draw life from the vine. We are then sent out from the Eucharist with the mission to live by His life.

May the Lord draw us to Himself and give us abundant life! Amen!! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!




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