I am the Living Bread come down from Heaven

I am the Living Bread come down from Heaven


Acts 8:26-40, Jn 6:44-51. Today’s first reading describes how God draws the Ethiopian eunuch towards the faith, before ever he met with Philip on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza. Like the Ethiopian officer we are called to be “God-fearers” who draw near to God and seek to know what life expects of us. Like this pilgrim, we should join in worship, as he did in the Temple in Jerusalem. On his way home, he hoped for God to enlighten him. After his leap of understanding, he was baptised and was saved in Christ.

We can help spread the good news, like the Ethiopian who went home to bring the faith to his own country. We receive not only sacramental presence of Jesus but also the guidance and example we need to keep our faith strong. As we direct our focus to His words in today’s Gospel, we seek for strength: “I am the living bread come down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread that shall live forever.” Through Jesus everyone shall receive new life and rejuvenation, the promise of everlasting life unlike those who have eaten the heavenly bread or manna, also known as the bread of the Angels, which the Israelites had once eaten during their forty years sojourn in the desert. This gift of new life that Christ has revealed, has indeed been fulfilled through our baptism, by which we have been welcomed into the Church and then later on becoming partakers of His Body and Blood in the Eucharist.

May the Lord strengthen us as we draw close, so that our lives and efforts will continue to glorify God and proclaim Him to our world! Amen!! Have a glorious day!!!




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