We can be sure that we know God only by keeping His Commandments

We can be sure that we know God only by keeping His Commandments


Acts 3:13-15.17-19, 1 Jn 2:1-5, Lk. 24:35-48. On this Third Sunday of Easter Year B, the Church reminds us of the sacrifice of Christ that takes our sins away. Today’s first reading presents five evangelistic sermons of Peter. First, Peter has his listeners recall what has happened as the leaders of the Jews handed Him over to Pilate. Secondly, Peter proclaims the good news that Jesus is risen and Peter witnessed the Resurrection. Thirdly, Peter refers to the Scriptures to show that Jesus is the fulfillment of what God has promised in the Divine world and lastly, Peter exhorts his audience to take action – repent and be converted so that they can experience the good news applied to their personal lives.

The risen Jesus reveals a faithful, forgiving God. Today’s second reading states this clearly: “If anyone does sin, we have our advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, who is just.” People who live without thought of God or of His will, may silence their consciences with the promise of repenting some future day: “We can be sure that we know God only by keeping His commandments.” Knowing God has a moral dimension and has almost nothing to do with intellectual understanding. To know God means to have a close and personal relationship with God. To promote inter personal relationship with the risen Christ, today’s Gospel presents us with one of the many post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Here, Jesus took the pains of convincing His disciples that He is real. At first Jesus said to them: “Peace be with you.” These words assured the disciples of the Lord’s forgiveness. It is only after the disciples had received this gift of forgiveness that they were sent out as messengers of the Lord’s forgiveness to others. Having assured them that they were forgiven, Jesus went on to commission them to preach repentance for the forgiveness of sins to all the nations. It is forgiven sinners who were entrusted the task of proclaiming the good news of God’s forgiving love. This is what we find Peter doing in today’s first reading. He declares to the people of Jerusalem that, although they had handed Jesus over to Pilate, God’s forgiveness was available to them if they turned to God by believing in Jesus.

May the Lord forgive us our sins and bring us new life! Amen!! Good morning and happy Sunday!!!




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