Choose among yourself reputable men

Choose among yourself reputable men


Acts 6:1-7, Jn 6:16-21. Today’s first reading shows a blend of faith and reason. It confirms how the Apostles resolved an emerging problem in the Christian community by a reasonable proposal allied with prayer. The Greek-speakers in the Church felt that the needs of their widows and orphans were being neglected, while welfare handouts were provided to the native Hebrew-speakers, disciples born in the Holy Land. The Apostles asked the community nominate seven devout and prudent men to oversee the social needs of the Greek-speaking Christians.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus shows His care for His followers by joining them when the wind was strong on the sea. The Lord can change a situation from apparent disaster to recovery. In the midst of a storm on the lake and afraid of drowning, the disciples unexpectedly found their way to shore. If our prayer opens us up to God, it leaves us more open to others who are struggling with the stress of life. When Jesus got into the boat with His disciples the wind dropped and they came into a calmer space. We also ask for the Lord’s calming presence during our challenging moments and by His grace, we enjoy His saving presence.

May the Lord come to our aid and grant us His mercy! Amen!! Good morning and have restful weekend!!!



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