If the claim is false as the others, it must fail

If the claim is false as the others, it must fail


Acts 5:34-42, Jn 6:1-15. Today’s first reading mentions several false messianic claimants who misled people in the previous years. At a meeting of the Council, Gamaliel proposed a sensible way to resolve the Apostles’ claim about Jesus. If this claim is as false as the others, it must fail; but if it is inspired by God, it should not be opposed. Even so, the Apostles were not fully absolved, for the Sanhedrin had them flogged before setting them free. Still unafraid, once they were released, they continued preaching, being willing to suffer for Jesus’ sake.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is reported to have compassion on those who endured hunger and suffering of the desert. The background to the miracle was a hungry crowd out in the desert, with no food. Faced by the people’s obvious need, Philip calculated that, based on the number of people and the amount of money they had, no solution was possible. Andrew knew that someone in the crowd had a small amount of food, five loaves and two fish, but he dismissed this as an insignificant resource in the circumstances. Two other responses in the story are noteworthy. First, that of the boy who was willing to hand over the little food he brought. Then, the action of Jesus, who took the food that was offered, gave thanks to God and fed the multitudes. If we give generously from what we have, the Lord works good through us.

May the Lord grant us true repentance that we may walk in newness of life and be compassionate to the needy! Amen!! Have a glorious day!!!




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