Will act in the Light of Day

Will act in the Light of Day


Acts 5:17-26, Jn 3:16-21. After being freed from prison, Peter and John returned to the Temple and spoke their message to an enthusiastic audience. In today’s first reading, Peter and John ignore their recent escape and risked their lives again for the Gospel. When the Temple police came to stop them, they showed restraint “for fear of being stoned by the crowd.” The obvious sincerity of the Apostles won the warm support and approval of ordinary Jews.

The attitude of the Apostles reflects the message in today’s Gospel: “those who do wrong prefer darkness, while those who do right, will act in the light of day.” Thus, as the sun rises, the Apostles came back into the openness of the Temple and preach the message of Jesus. They do not fear the agents of darkness and deceit, for they know they are in the Light, walking the way – they are one with the Son sent by the Father, who so loved the world. Everyone who seeks the truth is already being guided by the light of Christ, even if they are not yet aware of it. People of faith, who are open to the light of Christ, will share forever in the eternal light of the living God who made us.

May the Lord help us to proclaim our faith in the Jesus by openly bearing witness to Jesus, risen and alive! Amen!! Have a great day!!!




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