Special Growth needs the Community of Faith

Special Growth needs the Community of Faith


: Acts 4:32-37, Jn 3:7-15. Today’s first reading relates how the early Christians lived a communal life and shared their possessions, such that there was no one in financial distress. This total sharing of goods should arouse our desire to relive such a full experience of community. How wonderful it would be if we could share everything we own, caring for one another, focusing our lives on the spirit of community and the providence of God. Peace comes by humbly realising that no one person has all the gifts. None of us, no matter how gifted, can succeed unless our talents are shared with others and balanced by their gifts.

Willingness to share helps us keep our balance and can bring real blessings into our lives. Spiritual growth needs community, because there is where the Spirit really dwells. In today’s Gospel, Nicodemus realises his call to be in relationship not only with God but also with Jesus Christ by coming at night. He would not want to be seen as a person who is interested in talking to Jesus. So, Jesus says that the Son of Man will be lifted up on the wood. All who put their faith in the one lifted up on the wood will have life.

May the Lord bring us abundant of joy and fullness of life! Amen!! Have a terrific day!!!




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