There is no name so Sweet like the Name Jesus

There is no name so Sweet like the Name Jesus


Acts 4:13-21, Mk 16:9-15. As the Sanhedrin, Judaism’s ruling body, rejected the notion that Jesus could be the Messiah, so they denied that He had risen from the dead. To believe this would demand a major change in their belief-system, no less than a total re-interpretation of their Scripture and traditions. In today’s first reading, it is reported that two Galilean fishermen, Peter and John, stood before the Council insisting that the Crucified Jesus is alive and now present as a living force for healing and renewal. They made this claim on peril of their lives, in defiance of the Sanhedrin’s formal prohibition. The message was so important to be repressed by any human authority.

The Risen Christ rolled away more stones than the one blocking the entrance of His tomb as recounted by today’s Gospel. He flung wide the doors to the future and offers a glimpse of what lies beyond. We are challenged to accept that Jesus really is our Saviour. He throws new light on life and lets us re-evaluate all that we held to be true. Are we willing to allow His love to cast its brightness on our minds, so that we may shape our future in relation to Him. If we trust in our hearts that He has risen, our lives will be energised by this faith.

May the Lord help us to be true herald of the Gospel and may the sweet Name of Jesus guide our thoughts, actions and words! Amen!! Happy weekend!!!




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