Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit

Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit


Acts 4:1-12, Jn 21:1-14. After a night in jail, Peter and John were brought before the Jewish religious leaders. They were challenged to present the authority that enabled them to heal and preach. According to today’s first reading, Peter is reported to be filled with the Holy Spirit, addressed the assembled body of leaders. He proclaims that his credential remains the Name of Jesus that he bore. The Name of Jesus empowers him to bring healing to the people. The Name Jesus draws us to the fountain of life, inviting us to come and have a place with Him.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus invited His disciples to come and share a bouquet with them. By His invitation to have breakfast with Him, He showed His unbroken friendship towards them, that they abandoned at the time of His passion. The Lord is always inviting us to share His life with us. Even if we have failed in our friendship to Him, He invites us to start afresh and cast our nets in a different direction. Our relationship with Him is full of hope. Easter is when we recognise Him again on the shore of our lives, calling us to follow where He is leading us.

May the Lord strengthen us as we follow Him and bring us abundant joy and peace! Amen!! Have a great day!!!




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