Christ offers us real peace

Christ offers us real peace


Acts 3:11-26, Lk. 24:35-48. Today’s first reading takes record of how Peter saw how Jesus made visible and tangible all that the Jews had hoped, over many centuries. According to him, all the prophets pre-announced the death and resurrection of Jesus. Peter echoes what Jesus said on the evening of Easter, that everything written about Him in the Scripture had to be fulfilled. The underlying belief is that God’s plans are thoroughly enmeshed in human existence and are being carried out across the sweep of history.

Generations of people have found their hopes sustained, their trials overcome, their laws and habits purified, under the influence of God’s prompting Spirit. We in turn ought to share this understanding with our own generation. In a forgiving spirit, Peter says that the people who rejected Jesus acted out of ignorance. It is easier for us to admit that our lives are guided by providence than to accept that our behaviour can sometimes include ignorance and malice. However, if we are honest, our past failings must be admitted and healed, not ignored. Like the disciples we stand before the good news of Easter, struggling to believe. We need time to recognise that the risen Lord is indeed among us, saying to us what He said to His disciples: “Peace be with you.” He offers us that special peace of mind and heart which is put into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. As we receive this gift of His love He sends us out as agents of forgiveness, as peacemakers, just as He sent out the disciples in the Gospel.

May the Lord bless us and keep us from all evil, and bring us to everlasting life! Amen!! Have a glorious day!!!




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