Talk about Jesus to Journey with Jesus

Talk about Jesus to Journey with Jesus


Acts 3: 1-10, Lk. 24:13-35. Today’s first reading story dramatises Peter’s healing powers as he called on Jesus’ name. Not only was the crippled man cured, he jumped up and entered the Temple with them, leaping and praising God. The people’s amazement gave Peter a chance to explain to them the source of his healing gift: he has it from the risen Christ. In today’s Gospel story of the Emmaus journey with two disciples we see a gradual revelation in being with Jesus. The story begins with “talk about Jesus” to “talk with Jesus,” then “walking with Jesus,” to “eating with Jesus” and to “recognising Jesus” at the breaking of bread.

The Emmaus story suggests that if we travel life’s journey in company with others, sharing our faith and doubts with them, Christ will be walking beside us, opening our minds to His saving truth. Just as He gave understanding to the two on the road to Emmaus, so He does for all who take time to listen to Him. His promise remains: “I am with you, always.” The two disciples were leaving Jerusalem because it had such painful memories for them. It was just outside the city walls that the one they loved and trusted, whose message gave such hope and meaning, had died. Jerusalem had killed not only Jesus but the hopes of His friends and cast a shadow over them. The Lord journeyed with these two disciples to help them to see that there was more to Jerusalem than they realised. Often the places we try to get away from, which seem dreary and dark, are where the seeds of new life will be found, for God can always bring light out of darkness.

May the Lord help us to be authentic witnesses, so that we may continue to be model of faith to those who listen to our words and be inspired to follow the Lord more closely! Amen!! Have a terrific day!!!




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