Let us seek God even in our grief

Let us seek God even in our grief


 Acts 2:36-41, Jn 20:11-18. A fascinating side of Easter stories is the gradual recognition of the risen Christ by His disciples. Today’s Gospel report about Mary Magdalene challenging the gardener to hand back the body of Jesus conveys their confusion. All they hoped for at first was to be able to reverence His mortal remains. When Jesus calls Mary by her name, she makes a joyful discovery: He was truly there, alive. Magdalene told the rest of the group, not just that Christ is risen, but that He is going back to the Father, His Father and theirs.

The unique, special relationship conveys by the phrase: “My Father and your Father” is what Mary Magdalene recognised. In today’s first reading, Peter is reported to have recognised the risen Christ and enjoined his Jewish people to recognise Jesus as their Messiah, even those who had called for His death by Crucifixion. The kind of Messiah Peter had come to know wanted to call everyone to salvation, with their sins forgiven. All they need do was to draw close to God by welcoming Jesus with faith and receive the gift of His Spirit. We will find the Lord if we search for Him, for He is never far away. He is the good Shepherd who calls us by name. He came to seek and save the lost and we need to let ourselves be met by Him. She has something to teach us about seeking God even in our grief.

May the Lord fills us with His grace and grant us the hope of everlasting life and salvation, liberation from the tyranny and dominion of sin and death! Amen!! Have a gracious day!!!




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