Alleluia! The Lord has Risen as He said!! Alleluia!!!

Alleluia! The Lord has Risen as He said!! Alleluia!!!


Acts 10:34.37-43, Col 3: 1-4, Jn 20:19. Alleluia, the Lord has risen, as He said. As we solemnly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the Church reminds us of the life-transforming event of the resurrection of Christ. The good news of Easter is proclaimed by Peter as recorded in today’s first reading. Peter establishes the truth that was lacking in the religious leaders’ report of the crucifixion of Christ; truth cannot be suppressed by popular opinion, because the public approval that led to Jesus’ death was based on falsehood and evil, which stand in the way of truth and goodness. Easter is the breaking of these shackles and the assurance that good will always triumph and truth prevail, even if it is buried by the overwhelming noise of falsehood.

The second reading further witnesses to Christ’s resurrection which must be proclaimed with passion and without fear. In today’s Gospel report, Mary of Magdala, Simon Peter and John were confused when they saw Christ’s empty tomb, because they had never understood the possibility of a resurrection. This encounter strengthened their determination to confess the truth of God’s love for humanity, which was ultimately expressed in Christ. This message became their story, their truth, according to which they lived and for which they died, because they saw themselves in it. They became Easter people, just as we are today, because the darkness of falsehood has been emptied, by the truth of Christ’s rising, like the Easter light that dispels every darkness around it. Christ, through His resurrection, used the truth about our humanity to reveal the truth about God. No one became His witness during His trial and death, but His resurrection has made all who encounter Him witnesses to the Truth. As witnesses, we are no longer slaves to our weaknesses, because we have been restored to true life, to seek the truth and live by it.

May the Lord help us to be true witnesses of the risen Lord, so that our works, actions, and endeavours, may continue to reveal the glory of God in our lives! Amen!! Remain lifted and do have a great Easter Sunday!!!




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