Behold the wood of the Cross

Behold the wood of the Cross


Ish 52:13-53:12, Heb. 4:14-16.5:7-9, Jn 18:1-19:42. Today we remember primarily everything that our Lord Jesus did in bearing up all the burdens of our many sins. Jesus willingly sacrificed and offered Himself on our behalf, giving us the assurance of eternal life because He, the Paschal Lamb and the High Priest of all mankind, offered Himself as the perfect and worthy for the atonement of our innumerable sins. Today is Good Friday because through this event, we received the assurance of salvation and eternal life. Today’s first reading presents us with the fourth “Suffering Servant Song of Yahweh”, who was rejected and stricken, afflicted and pierced, carrying the sinfulness of others, like a scapegoat, being quiet in the face of harsh treatment. In the second reading, this Suffering Servant is regarded as the great High Priest who identifies with us. His physical “brokenness” leads to our spiritual wholeness. His complete obedient relationship leads to our broken relationship being reconciled and renewed.

Today’s passion narrative expresses in details the self given of our High Priest. Through the passion of Christ everyone who experiences pain and desolation in whatever form, all those who like Mary stand at the foot of the Cross, will sense something of the complexity of emotions that were present on Calvary: the same confusion, disillusionment, desolation, anger and reproach. All who are suffering and struggle will find an echo of their pain in the sufferings of Jesus. Contemplating Jesus on the Cross brings comfort, resilience and strength to those who need it. The Cross reminds us that it is through His suffering that we are redeemed, that the power, presence and promise of God are now accessible to us in our suffering and needs. Contemplating Jesus on the Cross reminds us that in our present frail and redeemed bodies we carry the saving power of God. We us endeavour to kiss the Cross today, not for God’s sake but to identify with Jesus on the Cross and express our love and appreciation of His sacrifice for us.

As we journey along with the Lord Jesus and re-live His passion and death, may we be touched by the love and forgiveness that flow from Him! Amen!! Good morning and have a glorious day!!!




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