God brings out the good out of evil

God brings out the good out of evil


 Ish 50:4-9, Mt. 26:14-25. The Wednesday during the Holy week is referred to as “Spy Wednesday,” to signify the day Jesus was betrayed to His enemies by one of His closest associates. In the words of today’s Gospel, Jesus was betrayed by someone who dipped his hand into the dish with Jesus, someone who was an intimate. The Gospel declares that when Jesus announced that one of those sharing table with Him would betray Him, everyone present was “greatly distressed.” To be betrayed by a close associate is a very distressing situation for the one betrayed and for all those associated with Him.

Some of us may have had the experience of our trust being betrayed. We confide in someone and they use that information against us. This week tells us that, in the case of Jesus, human betrayal did not have the last word; God had the last word by raising His Son from the dead. God brought good out of the evil of betrayal and the many other evils that Jesus endured. God can also bring good out of the negativity that we sometimes have to endure from others. These days invite us to trust that God can work in life-giving ways even in those dark experiences that are contrary to what God desires for us.

May the Lord strengthen us, so that we may persevere and remain committed to Him despite all the challenges, trials and obstacles that we may face in life! Amen!! Have a terrific day!!!




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