I Long to Gather the Dispersed Children of God

I Long to Gather the Dispersed Children of God


Ezk. 37:21-28, Jn 11:45-56. God desires to renew the covenant, the Divine relationship with the dispersed chosen people. The former northern tribes of Israel and the southern tribes of Judah will be re-united under the one who is the offspring of David. In today’s first reading, the prophet Jeremiah reaffirms how God will restore the fortunes of the great kingdom that existed under David and his son, Solomon.

The Psalmist continues this theme in calling all those who had gone astray to come back and be united to God who will shepherd them. The sorrow that God’s people experienced will be turned to joy as they re-establish their covenant relationship with their God. In today’s Gospel, Jesus is described as one who will bring everyone into one communion with God. As the religious leaders come together to discuss how Jesus and His teaching might affect the Jewish nation. They were afraid that Jesus will lead the people in such a way that the Romans will come and destroy Jerusalem and disperse the Jewish people throughout the Roman Empire. They believed it would be better to sacrifice Jesus in order to save the entire nation. Indeed, Jesus will be sacrificed for the people, not only the Jewish people but all the dispersed children of God. His death will bring together all who truly call on God as Father.

May the Lord favour us in our participation in this Lenten journey and may our reflections on these events make our relationship with God more real and alive! Amen!! Happy weekend!!!




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