God hears

God hears


1 Sam. 1:9-20, Mk 1:21-28. Today's first reading and the Psalmist recount the story of Hannah and how she gave her first born son to the service of God as an act of glorification of God for the divine gift of her son. God heard her prayer and blessed her with a son whom she names Samuel, meaning “God hears”. Hannah lives in a time when a woman gains worth from giving birth to a male child. Hannah prays that she might do her duty as a wife by giving birth to a son, as she desired to serve her husband in this way. As a sign of her appreciation of the gift of God, she gave the boy back to God. Here after, Samuel lived and work in the service of God by being an aide to Eli, the priest. Though, this may seem strange to us, but in it, we were able to understand that Hannah believed in the concept of service: service to God and to her husband. In the same way, Jesus teaches the concept of service in His ministry and did everything with divine authority. He does not get this authority to teach and heal from some rabbinical school. He is not the disciple of some great rabbi spoken of by the prophets. He is not a descendant of Levi and thus, He is not a member of the priestly class. 

What gives Him His authority is His mission from God. His authority is demonstrated by the way He touches people’s lives –  with divine compassion. His authority comes from His service of God’s people. His power and authority come because He touches people in the most intimate and loving way. The way that shows He cares for them and not for laws and rules which are the concern of the Scribes. We need to know that Jesus is there for us at all times. He builds a bond, a relationship with us that we may be able to reach God the Father. He knows each person’s need and answers each person’s prayer. He comes to show God’s loving care particularly for those who are most in need of God's help. We who call ourselves Christians are called to imitate our Master. We are given authority to continue the mission of Jesus. We are to be servants of God by our service to those around us. Particularly if we are in a position of authority, whether that be as a head or co-head of a household, supervisor at work, leader at school, we are called to use the authority we have been given in service of those who are under our authority. We are to lead by example and by building edifying relationships with others. 

May the Lord grant our request and bring us true happiness as we look up to Him! Amen!! Good morning and have a wonderful day!!!

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