The Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

The Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows


Heb. 5:7-9, Jn 19:25-27. When someone we love suffers, we suffer along with them. The more we love someone, the more we suffer when they suffer. This is true of parents when their children suffer physically, emotionally or mentally, the mother and father suffers just as much as their child suffers and sometimes even more. The only way to live is to love and accept the suffering that love inevitably brings. Today we celebrate “Our Lady of Sorrows,” the title which was first given to our Lady to recall her intense grief during the passion and death of our Lord. In this memorial, we recall how she gave her heart to her Son and when her Son’s body was broken, Mary’s heart was also broken. Our readings speak of all the sorrows of Mary and her patient endurance right from the birth of Jesus to His death.

Today's first reading speaks of how Jesus was 'made perfect' by obedient suffering and thus became the source of eternal salvation for all. Simeon in today’s Gospel makes that connection between Jesus’ suffering and that of his mother. Jesus is "destined to be a sign that is rejected" and, as for Mary, "a sword will pierce your own soul also." When our heart breaks because of love we can look to our Lady of Sorrows as our inspiration and support. Gradually, the scope of this title was not limited to the sacred Passion, it was extended to comprise “Seven Dolours” or “Seven Sorrows” of Mary: Simeon’s Prophecy about the sword of sorrow (Lk. 2:34-35); Flight of Joseph, Mary and Jesus into Egypt (Mt. 2:13); Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple (Lk. 2:43-45); Mary meets Jesus on the way to Calvary (Lk. 23:26); Jesus dies on the Cross (Jn 19:25); Mary receives the Body of Jesus in her arms (Mt. 27:57); Body of Jesus is placed in the Tomb (Jn 19:40). In the commemoration of the "Seven Sorrows of Mary", we see how Mary shows us how to remain close to Jesus even at the most adverse situations in life.

May the Lord be with us always, watch over us and may His beloved mother, Our Lady of Sorrows, continue to intercede for those in pain, to know that the Father cares for them! Amen!! Good morning, it is well with you!!!

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