DON'T SAY POLITICS is a dirty game and allow others to use politics wrongly," said Bishop John Oyejola of Osogbo at a reception that followed the first diocesan harvest at Ss Peter and Paul Pro-Cathedral, Ile-Ife, Osun State on 9 December.

Bishop Oyejola was corroborating the advice earlier given by Senator Babajide Omoworare that Catholics should go into politics and remove the dirt in it for the good of all.

 Bishop   Oyejola  had  told  the  faithful  at  Mass  that  "praying constantly is like saving money in your bank account."

Christians, he said, should not worry that prayers do not seem to have been answered immediately. It is "like saving money in your bank account, when you pray you are saving for the time when you start drawing from your account as answered prayers by God. You will begin to wonder at the results."

Bishop Oyejola also used the opportunity to appreciate the faithful for their contribution in every way  possible,  citing the first  diocesan  harvest  as  an example of a beautiful contribution by Catholic faithful. It was the suggestion of  the  members of the church and "the bishop's only contribution was a signature for approval."

The bishop admonished Christians not to "discriminate against anybody" because who we are, where we live or what we are is not our doing; whoever discriminates is fighting God directly, "Christians should rather fight for unity wherever they find themselves."

The bishop also advised the faithful to contribute meaningfully to the development of the church, "unlike taxes that are not used for the development of the community by the government, all the contributions by the faithful will be judiciously used."

The bishop listed some programmes that could help the youth to sustain themselves without going to the bishop to beg for money. The diocese, according to him, is planning agricultural programmes for the youth and anyone of them who had raised raise money would be supported by the bishop for educational programmes.

The bishop urged Catholics who receive Holy Communion to go out immediately to look for Jesus on the mountain. "How can you carry Jesus in you and be looking for Jesus somewhere else," he said. "This is like lack of faith or because you don't know your faith."

Every Christian should contribute to the development of the world to make the world better. Everyone should make the world better than he met it; otherwise, that person is a failure, Bishop Oyejola said.


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