A HEALTH CONFERENCE that has just held in the tail end of September 2017 in Rome learnt that it has become virtually impossible for Catholic doctors and other health workers within the European Union (EU) to practice ethically and still remain in the government health services.

This is because, their fanatical Secular Humanist based national and union governments have made suicide a human right which anybody may desire and so request any doctor to "serve" them with. In addition, these obviously devilishly fanatical cultures and their legislations have also abrogated the human and professional right of the doctor not to do (or be forced by anybody else to do) anything contrary to his rather better-informed conscience. This is the conscience protection fact of all human civilizations at their bests everywhere. All these happening will surely begin to tell us where the whole word is going. However, as we know, all these will come, yet, it may not as yet be the exact time for "the Second coming"; but only a reminding of its reality and that surely approaching fact of life. We must hold faith till the end! The fact that the EU Court was lately reported that there is no such right to any marriages other than between biologically adult male to adult female human persons, is good to hear; but at the very action places, the contrary would seem obviously the case, as this reported conference shows!

In North America, even as they had been doing and are fast spreading all over the world, this culture has been well established. Catholic and other religious missionary hospitals were being forced to do abortions or many others of the very well-known immoral (anti-Hippocratic) but "modern medical" (Secular Humanist) procedures. Individual conscientious professional health scientists and their students are forced to do very unethical things or lose their studentships or professional jobs, even in the most prominent institutions in these regards as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Chapel Hill health facilities! For example, a post-graduate student in clinical psychology and psychotherapy had once lost her student status for refusing to treat a homosexual who wanted a psychological assistance to enhance his troubled "love" life with his sex partner because she knows that homosexuality is a disease, one of the paraphilias of Hippocratic medicine that needed psychotherapy for overcoming, rather than for enhancing it. She lost the studentship even though she advised the client to ask for another colleague within that clinic who believes in homosexuality as other than a disease. She also objected to being subjected to their school management's referral for her to subject herself to "anti-homophobic psychotherapy" to cure herself of her homophobia disease!!!

These types of things are happening also for religious ministers, Catholic, civil or else, who refuse to "wed homosexuals" in the growing and so-called same sex marriages. Developing countries are being subjected to similar withdrawal of financial and other assistances by so-called developed countries if they refuse to accept their homosexual, contraceptive and other "culture of death" socio-political packages as part and parcel of these so-called foreign aids.

However, when we hear all these, we think that this persecution only happens from the Secular Humanists outside the church. On the contrary, there are probably as many Secular Humanists within the church itself as outside of it! Many of those also hold positions of influence therein. One of the new methods of Secular Humanism that gives it a superiority for its well-known greater success over her erstwhile parent philosophical, spiritual and religious movement predecessor of Modernism is their decision that quitting the church entirely on their own for the incompatibility of their new religion with the church or going away if asked to do so by the Church itself, is not and had never been the wise thing to do. On the contrary, they will do their best NOW to remain in the church clandestinely or by other bold-face methods; in order to be able to do their intended harm more effectively and efficiently. Thus, we hear names like "Catholics for a free choice" meaning Catholics who will not only be contracepting, but do so very openly; as well as be agents  for its popularization in the church against all her teachings in that regard. Some are also doing or trying to do so with homosexuality, "same sex marriages", free divorce - even in the name of some faked up church annulments, etc. Some of us will know many more organizations these days that attach the name Catholic to whatever they are doing but all of which are obviously anti-Catholic! There are also some evidences that many of these groups of people are having increasing influence on the present papacy; for which reasons we must continue to pray intensively for it!

There are many more such Catholics right inside the church who do none of these said open opposition things; but are none the less the greatest apostles of the Secular Humanist Movement and defend their plans and actions more than the official Secular Humanists themselves. There are no genuine Catholic pro-life advocates (i.e., those who neither make noise about it nor destructively; and so, erroneously, try to properly fight the Secular Humanists and their programme servicers) that I know who has no story to tell of suffering, opposition and grave undermining of their apostolates from these Secular Humanists within. These stories of white martyrdom are however not out of place for all would-be serious followers of the Christ; and nobody should make any mistakes about it. Like the apostles and disciples in the Acts of the Apostles stories, these modern apostles and disciples should learn what they suffer; and should be rejoicing at the opportunities of such white martyrdoms. The rest of us who do not suffer such, would do well to remember to pray for them  as  well as their oppressors. In that way, the will of God will be served best; as well as the triumph of the truth which He alone guarantees and brings about in His own ways and times!

May the triumph of the pro-life and all the other medical and health ethics apostolates and the end of the pro-death culture (or the culture of death as called by the church) - clandestine, open, without and within the church - come to an end soon; through Christ our Lord. Amen!


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